Practical In-Field Structural Inspections

Performing structural instructions digitally is more than just transferring paper documents into digital forms. To take advantage of the benefits offered by in-field devices you need to consider how large volumes of content gets built, maintained and deployed. Further, the technology needs to meet the asset management objectives of eliminating structural failures and avoiding unscheduled downtime.

The KrackOn structural inspection management tool does just that. It is an easy to use, field inspection app that transforms your existing content into rich, mobile inspections.


Manage Structural Risk

Records cracks in 3D space and saves the data into an interactive database


Unlock Powerful Insights

Rich visualisations
Powerful analytics


Eliminate duplicate entry

Paperless system

Easy access to 3D Content Online and Offline

3D models of structural components are used to mark the precise location of cracks and defects in 3D space. Photos and other data can be also be associated with each identified crack or defect providing a detailed history of asset condition and repair. Individual inspectors and repairers get a personalised view of the work they need to perform, take the information they need into the field and have access to it even if they are offline.

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Easily Build, Maintain & Acquire Content

As asset content builders, we were frustrated at how difficult it was to build rich, quality maintenance documents in a consistent and structured way. We solved this by building our cloud-based Work Instruction builder. This builder is bundled as part of the KrackOn structural management system.

  • Build your own content using our proven content builder
  • Acquire pre-build asset content from our library
  • Ask us to build specific content to meet your requirements
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Don’t have access to quality content? We can help

With AssetOn, you’re backed by a team of experienced maintenance professionals. Our team has built thousands of maintenance work instructions for mining assets. We can use this expertise to quickly fill gaps in your maintenance documents, building high quality, rich structural inspection content for use with KrackOn. The team has worked across process plant, mobile assets and infrastructure.


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KrackOn is a fully-featured defect and crack inspection app for large industrial assets. Discover what it can do for your asset management operation.

  • In Field Inspections to reduce paperwork double entry
  • Rich 3D Content to pinpoint defects and cracks
  • Easy to Build Content using our proven builder
  • Powerful Insights into asset condition and integrity
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KrackOn is a software product built and distributed by AssetOn Group. It is part of our Advantage cloud-based asset content software ecosystem.

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